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Scenic Images

A sample of nearly twenty years worth of work developing an eye for the vast scenic wonders of the Pacific Northwest. Most of my work is taken in Washington State with a heavy dose of the Puget Sound and North Cascades but I also enjoy the rolling farmlands and openness of the Palouse.

Time Travel Series

Using long exposures, ranging from several seconds to several minutes, I work with the camera's unique ability to portray a scene as much more serene or sometimes surreal than a simple snapshot would convey. Water smoothes out, clouds are stretched, trees dance, time continues on but it is all captured on a single frame. No digital manipulation other than traditional darkroom type techniques. slots casino gambling money slot machines
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My Impressions Series

I have always admired the work of Impressionist painters and have longed to bring some of the same painterly qualities to my photography. Each piece is produced "in camera" by using techniques such as intentionally moving the camera during the exposure and/or the use of multiple exposures. In each case, the image’s fine details are feathered into brushstroke-like textures and I am left with only the visual basics of form and color. No computer or Photoshop enhancement done.
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